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    Scan IDs when Signing a Contract.

Scan and save IDs within just a second.

LoyalScan allows a quick and easy identity check when concluding a contract. LoyalScan digitally saves a picture of the ID card to your system and enters the machine-readable data directly into the registration form. For example, name, date of birth and ID number.

Shorten the time required to conclude a contract. 

LoyalScan Application Possibilities Explained

Quick as Lightning

The ID card is scanned and the data entered directly into forms within just 1 second. 


    Save a copy of the ID documents directly in your database. 

      Scan Customer Cards

      Including the possibility to capture loyalty cards and coupons.

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          A digital saving process for ID cards significantly speeds up the conclusion of the contract.

        Integration into an Existing System

        LoyalScan can be fully integrated into existing systems.
        Qibixx offers you the following services:

        • Extended support and integration advice
        • Customized software for your system environment
        • Hardware adaptation according to your requirements (minimum 200 pcs)

        Technical Specifications

        • Fast 1D/2D scanner
        • Scan resolution: 1280X960 px
        • Supports all QR codes and barcodes
        • Validation of age and name via OCR
        • LED and sound module feedback
        • Optional: NFC Payment, Bluetooth beacon
        • USB port for connection to POS
        • 4-m USB cable for data transmission
        • Power supply via USB

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