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    Build and Upgrade MDB Vending Machines

The MDB standard is not so easy to understand and implement, as it uses unusual communication technologies. With the MDB-USB interface, Qibixx offers an easy way to connect the MDB world with the modern IT world.

Master: Developers can easily connect MDB peripherals to PCs or small Linux controllers using the MDB interface in Master mode, for example, to build a machine with a coin validator. Sample software available from Qibixx upon request.

Slave: To connect a machine to a payment system, the MDB controller is used as a "Slave" and it can then, for example, simulate a cashless device. Optionally, Qibixx offers the "Cashless Daemon" (software module), which can be accessed from the software environment - Thus, no MDB protocol knowledge is necessary.


Optionally usable as Master or Slave. 

    Development Assistance

    As a sniffer (with analysis software), it is ideal for development and support.

      Host Interface

      Easiest connection via USB interface. No drivers necessary. 

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          Every MDB vending machine can be upgraded with a cashless system.

        Integration into an Existing System

        The MDB-USB interface can be fully integrated into existing systems.Qibixx offers you the following services:

        • Extended support and integration advice
        • Customized software for your system environment
        • Hardware adaptation according to your requirements (minimum 200 pcs)

        Technical Specifications

        • MDB to USB interface with Master/Slave mode
        • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without special drivers
        • Platform-independent analysis software available
        • Optional: 15-Watt output power for micro-computers
        • Simulates up to 4 devices/endpoints
        • 2-year warranty


        We are happy to help

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