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Mobile Payment

Qibixx is TWINT's hardware and software partner (, the Swiss banks' mobile payment solution. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (terminals), communication software, conception and development services for POS software are supplied. Qibixx has developed the Payment Beacons with a focus on transaction and failure security. They are now in use at more than 40,000 cash desks.

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Thanks to Bluetooth the solution works with all common iOS and Android mobile phones. With the integration of the NFC interface on Apple devices, it is now also possible to combine both communication standards in one single device. Qibixx also designed and produced the terminal housing in TWINT branding, where the Beacons can be easily installed and replaced. By extending the beacons with additional software and hardware, the Beacon can also be used at ticket machines or vending machines and for opening doors (VIP access, paid entrance).

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MDB machine control

The MDB solution for the control of machines makes it possible to connect mobile payment, integrate additional components and control via the web into existing machines. This solution is used to connect the TWINT Mobile payment system to service and vending machines as well as to capture telemetry data. Almost any machine can be upgraded to meet future requirements.  

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The solution consists of a controller (MDB-USB interface) with interface to the machine, network connection and appropriate software, which can be adapted to customer requirements. Extensions can be easily integrated with the Linux-based operating system. If desired, the data is synchronized with the cloud via LAN, 3G/4G or Wifi. With its low power consumption, the controller can be supplied directly through the MDB interface of the machine. Additional machine interfaces (serial, contact release, etc.) are also implemented.

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POS software

In order to accept TWINT payments on Windows and Mac OS-based devices, the merchant app was developed. This means TWINT Beacons can be operated directly on a computer and payments can be accepted with a smartphone.

The machine check-out system developed for TWINT partners enables the communication of machines with modern payment solutions. It's suitable for use in mobile payment as well as for monitoring and managing the acceptance of coins and notes in machines.

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The interfaces of e.g. coffee machines or snack machines are converted by the MDB-USB interface and are operated in the Linux based controller. This controller can record the transactions and process them offline or transmit them online as required.

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Your payment or machine solution

We are happy to adapt our existing solutions to your own requirements or develop a new innovative product. Read more about our Custom Engineering or write us a non-binding message with your requirements.