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Programmable controller

The Barionet 1000 is a universal, Linux-based, programmable I/O device with countless available application possibilities. The numerous inputs and outputs and the two relays enable the Barionet 1000 to receive and process information from several devices (e.g. sensors) and to transmit it to several devices or trigger predefined functions.

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The integration of Barionets into the network gives you control via the Internet as well as communicating with other devices. Each Barionet can be configured via a web server, the maximum number of devices is limited by the network only. It's IPv6 compatible and has two USB interfaces, which makes it easy to connect to e.g. storage media. With the new OpenWrt operating system, it's also completely programmable to be adapted to meet one's own requirements.

Some examples of applications:

  • Closing the roller shutters in the event of solar radiation

  • Temperature measurement for automatic control of air conditioning/heating

  • Access control for buildings and garages

  • Turning on cameras as soon as a motion sensor detects a signal

  • Switching lights, monitors, music etc. on and off when entering or leaving a room

  • Turning on the sprinkler system if the soil moisture is too low

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The Theta-Wi sensors from Qibixx measure temperature, humidity, contacts and have a counting function. They were developed to be installed as easily as possible and require little or no maintenance. Depending on the application, USB or battery operation is possible. These "multipurpose sensors" can be used in a variety of ways and can be adapted to individual requirements.

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All sensors communicate with each other via Bluetooth and WiFi. No expensive local network wiring is required. The measured data can be loaded into your own or our cloud and can be retrieved via smartphone. These features enable the Theta-Wi to be used in a wide range of applications, both in transport, for securing or optimizing processes and for monitoring inventories and equipment.

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WiFi Counter

The Qibixx WiFi Counter is used for monitoring production processes in industry and commerce. It has extreme precision and is flexible in handling. The collected data is sent via WiFi to a central server, which interprets and evaluates it. The product is designed to run on USB or standard batteries. For the purpose of industrial audits, the replaceable batteries can be transported in hand luggage at the airport.

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The counter monitors the sensor input and records events / pulses in seconds intervals. This data is precisely mapped by means of NTP synchronized clock. It also determines the state as "running" (pulses are received) or "stopped" (no pulses). Many industry-standard sensors that operate with reflection or diffusion (such as the E18-D80NK) can be connected and supplied with 5V by the device without any additional power supply.

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Vending machine control

MDB continues to be the most important interface for vending machines and is considered the international standard with which devices from different manufacturers are compatible. With help of the MDB-USB interface a banknote reader, a Beacon for mobile payment or any other compatible extension can be integrated. In this way, vending machines can be extended to include mobile payment or additional components, and at the same time monitoring and management is possible online.

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The controller's web-based software allows easy monitoring and management for all connected devices. The data is transmitted via LAN, Wifi or 4G, depending on the location, or stored and retreived locally. Customer-specific extensions can be easily implemented for you thanks to the Linux-based operating system.
Qibixx offers both a simple MDB-USB interface and a complete Linux-based controller. With its low power consumption, the controller can be supplied directly through the MDB interface of the machine. Additional machine interfaces (serial, contact release, etc.) are also implemented. Most of all service or vending machines are supported.

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Your controller

We develop the ideal controller tailor-made for your application.<br/>For example with the following specifications:

  • LoRa network compatible
  • Server Backend
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Special sensor support
  • MDB Interface

Send us your requirements.