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    MDB Pi Hat

The Qibixx MDB PI Hat is a reliable, universal MDB Interface which can operate in MDB master as well as MDB peripheral roles. It directly plugs onto Raspberry Pi compatible embedded computers with 40pin ‘HAT’ connector. The device supports both serial as well as spi connections to the host. Firmware update from the host under full software control is possible. The interface can be used for Master, Peripheral, Sniffing and combined applications.  Thanks to a message buffering concept, the integration with software on the connected computer is easy to achieve and critical timing of the MDB standard is resolved. 
A built-in 15W power supply can be used to power the host (Pi) and peripherals from the MDB bus power. Of course, this function can be disabled. 

Special Features

      • Serial and SPI interfaces for data exchange with Pi
      • Standard MDB Connector, Master and Slave Message queueing, local Ack handling (slave)
      • No power supply necessary (Pi powered) 
      • Precision sniffing capability with timestamp
      • Standard Pi Hat dimensions 
      • 2 LED Function indicators 
      • Firmware update capable (from Pi) 
      • Operation: 0 to +50?C, Storage -20 .. +70’
      • 0-70% relative humidity, non-condensing 
      • Power Supply 5V, 3A from MDB bus to Pi  
      • Power supply can be disabled 


      Examples of use

      • Upgrade of classic vending machines to mobile payment
      • Integration of additional components into vending machines (e.g. money counters)
      • Monitoring and controlling of vending machines via a web interface

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      Additional services

      The product can be purchased as an OEM version from a small number of pieces in order to integrate it individually. In addition Qibixx can provide the following services for you:

      • Customization of the hardware according to your requirements
      • Customized software for your system environment
      • Advanced support and consulting for integration

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