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The THETA-WI measures temperature, humidity, alarm contacts and has a counting function. It's designed to be installed as easy as possible and requires little or no maintenance.

The data transfer works via Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi, which eliminates the need for cabling. Measurements are saved locally and can be loaded into the cloud at predefined intervals or downloaded via smartphone.

The devices are powered by USB or standard batteries.

Special Features

      • Built-in sensors for temperature / humidity
      • PT100 / PT1000 Input
      • Pulse counting possibility
      • Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi transmission
      • Very easy installation
      • Battery-operated for over 2 years, USB operation possible
      • Cloud Service
      • Developed in Switzerland, produced in the EU


      Examples of use

        • Temperature monitoring in data centers
        • Moisture measurement on construction sites
        • Battery Lifetime Monitoring
        • Cold-chain transport monitoring
        • Water damage in industrial and agricultural warehouses
        • Remote electricity metering
        • many other applications

            Additional services

            The product is a OEM version. Similar products on demand. Qibixx can provide the following services for you:

            • Customization of the hardware according to your requirements
            • Customized software for your system environment
            • Advanced support and consulting for integration

            We are happy to help

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