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    Product Overview

Loyal Scan

The Loyal Scan© enables customers to scan their loyalty cards or vouchers by themselves. In addition, age verification can be provided with ID cards, passports and driving licences. This makes checkout processing safer and faster. Contracts with copies of ID cards can be digitally filed in seconds.

Developed for the COOP cooperative.

Details about the Loyal Scan

MDB-USB interface

Most of the machines have an MDB interface. With the MDB-USB interface, additional components can be integrated via MDB or USB (like Mobile Payment) and monitored and controlled via a control PC via the web frontend. 

Developed for coffee machine manufacturers by TWINT.

Details about the MDB-USB interface

Keacon Alpha

The Payment Beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy are used for TWINT at 50'000+ checkouts. They are suitable for payment with almost any smartphone. Bluetooth also allows loyalty cards and savings offers to be transmitted.

Developed for TWINT AG.

Details about the Keacon Alpha

Theta Wi

The Theta Wi is a compact sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, alarm contacts and it has a counting function. The data transfer works via Bluetooth LE and WiFi. Measurements are stored locally and sent to the cloud at predefined intervals or retreived by a smartphone.

Developed for retail application.

Details about Theta Wi 

Barionet 1000 Controller

The Barionet is a universal programmable I/O device with a web server, Modbus/TCP and SNMP support, serial port, USB interface, WiFi connection, analog and digital I/Os, Relays and Dallas 1-wire support - and IPv6 capability.

Developed for BARIX AG.

Details about the Barionet 1000

WiFi Counter

A compact sensor that, thanks to AA batteries, can be easily transported through airport controls and used in the destination country to inspect manufacturing plants. Data is transmitted to the server via WiFi for recording and analysis. Works with all common sensors. 

Reference on request.

Details about the WiFi Counter


The Linulus is a universal and energy-efficient embedded IO computer. It has a fast, energy-saving CPU (580MHz MIPS24k), a Linux-based operating system, WiFi, Ethernet, USB and a serial interface.

In use as a controller, gateway and communication interface.

Details about the Linulus