New, updated firmware for the Qibixx MDB-USB devices is now available. It offers major improvements for sniffing and USB connectivity, but the most important new feature is quite unique:

A really easy-to-use cashless device driver “in the interface”.


What does that mean? You can interface with the device like with a serial device, and send simple, understandable commands to initiate, give credit and approve a vend. A few lines of code suffice. No host side drivers or MDB protocol implementation.

Contact us for free Python example code which shows how easy it is!

The firmware also supports sniffing with precision timestamps, MDB master interface, and, in addition to the cashless device driver, full access to the MDB for implementation of other MDB peripherals. Plus, of course, update capabilities without touching the hardware.

And just as a preview for the next blog entry: A low-cost MDB Pi Hat from Qibixx, with the same software features, is going to ship in a few days from now. Let us know if you want to be one of the first to get hold of that easy-to-use MDB interface, and stay tuned for the product announcement.


Johannes Rietschel
Founder, Qibixx AG