As you probably have seen from our website, Qibixx offers MDB interfaces and payment solutions.

One common problem with integrations, software development of an MDB device or VMC etc is that there are “issues” with the communication. You need to look in depth “at” the MDB bus to find out protocol errors, incompatibilities, timeouts .. but how ?

You need an "MDB Sniffer” or “MDB Analyzer” of some kind.

Well .. we make MDB interfaces. Our latest addition, the MDB Master/Slave interface, can fulfill many functions. And YES, it can work as an MDB sniffer, providing both send and receive data from the bus to a connected PC/computer. So both Master and Slave communications can be recorded and time stamped.

There are, for sure, complex and complete MDB test tools out there which can also serve as MDB sniffers. The Qibixx solution is very simple to use, effective and low cost !

Our universal MDB interface does have independent master and slave interfaces. Both receiver parts are used for the sniffing.

The MDB interface presents itself to the host computer as two serial interfaces. You can use any “protocol analyzer” software for serial ports, which supports time stamping and dual serial interfaces. Or you can use a very simple program from Qibixx, which time stamps each message and puts them in sequence in a readable form.

The MDB sniffer can source its power from the MDB Bus or you can draw power from a USB port to operate the device. The USB interface is isolated from the MDB interface.

Yes, we ship internationally from quantity one ! Contact us for a quote of this low cost, valuable MDB sniffer tool.