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    About us

We develop and produce smart products for data communication and networking. The basis is the comprehensive technical know-how, networked thinking and the ability to implement ideas in the shortest possible time - from feasibility studies to industrial production. Our experts are specialists in the fields of network communication, data security, electrical engineering, programming, construction and project management. Our products are located in retail solutions, measuring devices, refrigerators, access control systems in mobile payment solutions and many more. We offer consulting, development and production of customized, innovative solutions for business customers. Everything from a single source, customized to your requirements.


Johannes Rietschel is an engineer, innovator and CEO of Qibixx AG, which he founded in 1999. Since the late 1970s he has been working in the field of "communication electronics". He invents and develops products, founds and manages companies in the fields of audio, communication and data collection with the appropriate middleware (software). An "interlude" in the USA as CTO of a company with an IPO did not last long in California. Since the foundation of Qibixx AG (and simultaneously Barix AG) Johannes has been living in Switzerland and successfully leading both companies through the constantly changing IT landscape.

Name Qi-Bixx

Truly good solutions and new ideas only emerge if you can free your mind and face the world with an open soul. In the Chinese tradition, the term Qi stands for this relaxed yet energetic approach to reality. Qibixx combines this concept of the flowing, creative energy with the possibilities of technology and the modern, dynamic attitude to life of the 21stcentury.

ISO Certification

We approach our goals in a structured manner while conducting our day-to-day business. We wish to implement useful products efficiently. For this purpose, our processes were optimised, and we had them certified according to ISO 9001:2015. So that it is also clear to you how we work.